Event - Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil Fundraising Event

As it is Pride month and I really love these images I shot for the fundraising event Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil for Aids/LifeCycle team FWB at the Conservatory of Flowers in April I thought it would be the perfect time to post them especially with SF Pride coming up next weekend! I thought though it would be important in this post to highlight some (of the many) important issues that surround LGBTQIA+ people and Pride that will hopefully expand your view if you are unfamiliar with the concerns regarding these matters.

If you are like me (cis gender straight white female) or anyone who does not identify as LBGTQIA+ we need to take extra care in this month of Pride celebrations that we don't make any event we attend about us. We are there to enjoy and join in the fun but please please please be respectful, if you are not sure if you are committing any wrongs here is a great op ed that addresses this topic in a quick easy manner Dear Straight People. Additionally take some time to educate your self on trans issues, while some strides have been made for LGB there is still a lot of disrespect and straight up hatred of transgender people. Remember there would be no Pride with out transgender people. For some basic education here is a great quick article on this point 10 Misconceptions Every Trans Ally Needs to Understand. If you want to learn more in depth about any of these topics and more there are so many great resources out there if you just look.

You might also want consider to supporting an organization during this pride month that caters to the most marginalized like Rest for Resistance. Rest for Resistance is an online magazine that strives to uplift marginalized communities especially trans and queer people of color. My friend co runs this organization and the work they do for their community is inspiring and important. Donating any little bit makes a big impact and helps them keep everything going, as they make sure to pay every contributor unlike a lot of sites out there.