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I was born in Northern California deep behind the ‘Redwood Curtain’ and have been making photos since I was a young girl staging photoshoots with my point and shoot film camera and Barbie dolls. As I grew older and moved further south to the Sacramento area and continued to pursue photography in high school learning the ins and outs of the dark room and winning multiple California State Fair awards for her work. I decided to pursue fashion in college moving up to Portland Oregon for my studies, while in school I made sure to continue my photographic pursuits including conducting photoshoots for friend’s final fashion collections. Upon graduation I moved across the country to New York City where I worked in the fashion industry for the past 6 years in product development and technical design positions for many distinguished high-end brands while spending my free time photographing the city and my many trips around the world.

I have done editorial and event work for Edible Sacramento, The Conservatory of Flowers, Ladies Wine and Design Brooklyn, Beijos Events, and more.

I am located in the East Bay of San Francisco and am available for projects through out the greater SF Bay Area and beyond.