Paris - Vingnettes

Paris means a lot of things to a lot of people; for me Paris means change. Each of my three visits have been at the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next, this time was no different. Walking through Paris brings out a wistful longing for nostalgia of the times that were. The almost permanent visual nature of the city easily brings on reflection. Reflection of the last time you wandered it’s streets, reflection on the time that has past since your last visit, reflection on where you are going when you leave.

Travel in general brings on a contemplative nature in myself. Hours on planes and in airports seem to lend themselves brilliantly to reflection and visiting Paris seems to magnify that mood. This most recent trip was a reconnection with my sister who had moved to the city in December adding to the introspective feeling of the visit. In reflection and reconnection my eye was brought to the little moments. The small things that for me make Paris, Paris. There is grandeur if you want it but the small moments the small vignettes are just as easily found if you keep your eyes open while wandering the ageless streets.